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Smart solution - luminaire reports malfunction


If everything is working properly, this is indicated by the green light.

If the red lamp lights, a malfunction exists.

Fakultät Kiel

Elabo has equipped the new electrotechnical laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering at Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany. Up to 18 students can be trained and accustomed at the same time at PrimusOne technical workplaces. The classical design in blue colour was chosen for the front panels. The included technical components meet the requirements of Bachelor- and Master-Courses.

At triple workplaces various tests will be done by electricians, industrial engineers and material scientists during their basic praktika.
Fakultät Kiel 2

A special demand has been communicated to Elabo Crailsheim and was - of course – implemented.

The issue of security includes the monitoring of the whole room. Elabo implemented this request by warning lights and a smart networking: if the Emergency-Off-switch has a malfunction, the signal light at the relevant workplace turns to red and indicates malfunction. During normal operation signal light is green. Due to the area planning of Elabo planning experts the monitoring is available from every position in the room. This allows a targeted assistance for the students.



Dirk Baumert, specialist consultant of Elabo, says about the project: „It’s a big pleasure to know, that the professionals and managers of tomorrow are trained at Elabo workplaces. Again it has been proven, that an open communication and cooperation will lead to a solution according to customers specifications.”


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Smart solution - luminaire reports malfunction

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