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Bavarian Plastic campus celebrates Grand Opening


Nearly 300 guests celebrate the flagship project – 28.03.2015 06:00 am

Bavarian plastic campus in Weißenburg is officially opened. On Friday the 15 million expensive building was opened. The minister of education and science Mr. Ludwig Spaenle (CSU) evaluates Weißenburg

“as on top in Bavaria” - at least in the sector of education and science.

Minister Spaenle classifies the new university location as a strategic action of the State Government to enhance Bavaria also in the area. He sees in the Weißenburg-project “a very important signal as a model project”. Prof. Dr. Christian Willisch, head of campus in Weißenburg, provided an overview of the possible fields of Research: Surface finishing by plasma technology, 3D-print for prototypes or test series on tanks for cars – e.g. with company “K 3”, subsidiary of Alfmeier.

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In collaboration with the other seven campi of university in Deggendorf it will be possible to manage more essential projects in future, e.g. developing new plastic lenses for optics.


In addition to university Deggendorf also university in Ansbach is involved. University Ansbach is responsible for the study Center in the campus.

For the construction of the building the district and city Weißenburg had to invest 8,5 million Euro. The residual funds have been financed by the State of Bavaria, which also provided jobs.

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The engineers put special focus on future-proof technology. All equipment has to be flexible, convertible and expandable at any time, and of course – under the keyword “Industry 4.0” – network capable and remotely controllable. These demands have exactly been satisfied by Elabo GmbH, supplying Primus One workbenches.



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Bavarian Plastic campus celebrates Grand Opening

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