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Mobile test units increase flexibility


When combined with the TaMo product line, Elabo test devices become mobile and can be used even more flexibly. Elabo supplies mobile units specially designed to accept 19" test devices.

These "mobile equipment carriers" can be individually configured and permit the test systems to be ergonomically transported within a customer's production and assembly facilities.  Storage surfaces and a practical drawer for storing adapters and accessories, as well as winding devices to take up connector cables, are all part of our product range.

If the product cannot come to the test station, then the test station must come to the product - ergonomically and flexibly

News Mobile Feb 2011 1

The configurations illustrated were recently supplied to a manufacturer of medical apparatus.

The following types of test can be performed:
- Measurement of PE conductor resistance 6 V / 25A / 0 ... 500 mOhm
- Measurement of insulation resistance 200 .. 6,000 VDC / 0 .. 35 MOhm
- High voltage testing    100 .. 5,000 VAC / 0 .. 100 mA / 500 VA
- High voltage testing 200 .. 6,000 VDC / 0 .. 100 mA / 500 VA
- Measurement of leakage current in accordance with EN60601

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Mobile test units increase flexibility

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