Measuring & Testing

Measure and test efficiently with ELABO

Automated test system for testing ovens


  • Two industrial robots with integrated tools for automated
    • Air flow measurement,
    • PE measurement at any number of positions,
    • Print image inspection and evaluation via an integrated camera system,
    • Testing the functionality of all LEDs on the display,
    • Testing the touch functionality,
    • Rotary selector check for detection of stiff rotary selectors and
    • Helligkeitsmessung der Backofenlampe
    • brightness measurement of the oven lamp.
  • Elution® Software

The system is used for automated testing of baking ovens. By reading out the article number, the system automatically recognizes which product it is and adjusts the test accordingly. Thus, a large number of orifice plates, rotary selectors and appliance heights can be covered by the same system.
The system is controlled by the factory software Elution®.

Ergonomic programming of refrigerator covers


  • Air-conditioned control cabinet with installation space for an industrial PC 19" 4 RU
  • Ergonomic, electric height adjustment
  • Interchangeable adapter for flexible programming
  • Integrated workplace lighting

Thanks to the continuous, electrical height adjustment and the integrated workplace lighting, the mobile programming station enables ergonomic working all round. The air-conditioned control cabinet protects the industrial PC from overheating.

Simple and fast testing of insulated tools


  • Semi-automatic operator test station
  • SPS controlled test station
  • Tool testing system for insulated tools (screwdrivers, pliers, ...)
  • Magnetic tool holder
  • Hi-pot testing in a water bath

Simple and fast testing of your insulated tools in a water bath. Simple recognition of whether the insulation of the tools is in order by means of hi-pot testing.


Simple and fast testing of cable harnesses


  • Semi-automatic operator test station
  • Final testing of cable harnesses
  • Engraving of good parts by laser
  • Ferrite testing
  • Continuity test
  • Hi-pot testing
  • Colour inspection of the cable cores

Simple and fast testing of cable harnesses. After you have connected the plug to one of the two adapters, all tests are carried out and the plug is engraved immediately after good testing.

Greater efficiency with versatile measuring


  • Primus Basic workstation, mobile, with 3 RU top unit
  • Primus One workstation with 3 RU, 6 RU top unit and shelf unit

Simple drive your mobile measuring unit direct to your DUT. This flexibility improves efficiency in your company.
The combination of electrified top units and shelf storage gives you an ideal setup with enough space to file away your documents while simultaneously ensuring you can use the installed measuring instruments.

Better quality by testing with ELABO


  • Elution® software
  • Current/voltage testing
  • Functional testing
  • Hi-pot testing
  • Insulation testing

Test your electrical components or parts with your specific testing methods. This test bench improves your product quality.

Enjoy simple, rapid product testing


  • Fully automated test run
  • Hi-pot testing
  • Pre- and post-burn out
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Surge current testing

Simple, rapid testing of your products for good and bad parts with our in-house developed Elution® package. The software can also be integrated with your ERP system.


Consumption and temperature rise measurements with ELABO solutions


  • Elution® software
  • Graphical progress meter
  • Line voltage 80 … 280 V
  • Current measurement 0 … 20 A
  • Voltage measurement 0 … 600 V
  • Output/energy measurement
  • 8-channel winding temperature rise measurement
  • 2-channel water volume measurement
  • Leakage current testing
  • Temperature measurement
  • Motor speed recording
  • Recording of external measurement signals

ELABO advises and assists you in performing consumption and temperature rise measurements for your product.

Simple and versatile supply channel testing with mobile test systems from ELABO


  • Elution® software
  • Hi-pot testing 0 … 5,000 VAC
  • Protective conductor continuity testing 6 VAC/25 A
  • Insulation resistance testing 0 … 35 MΩ
  • Leakage current testing 0 … 10 mA
  • Line voltage 0 … 280 VAC/5 A
  • Current measurement 0 … 5 A
  • Software control, incl. measurement data archiving
  • Dummy testing

The mobile testing systems are in widespread use in medical technology: they offer you a simple, versatile way to test supply channels.

Long-term analysis of electrical appliances


  • Elution® software
  • 3 flexible SC power supplies
  • Current/voltage measurement
  • Output measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • I-V curve determination
  • Profile sequencer

Perform long-term analysis on your electrical appliances. ELABO’s Elution® software package lets you perform various measurements such as temperature measurements, output measurements or current/voltage measurements. Measurements can also be accessed and controlled in real time.