Workplace lighting

Innovative workplace lighting with lighting control, as used at an electronics workstation, for example, or in the electrical lab, ensures efficiency while protecting the health of personnel. Such solutions are also now also used on training workstations, for example. ELABO offers solutions in line with Industry 4.0 for a wide range of sectors. Ergonomic production and the ergonomic workstation or ergonomic assembly workstation are key business segments for ELABO. The company also develops lab equipment and the cutting-edge ESD workstation. A networked workstation from ELABO is now deployed as standard by a large number of global players. ELABO also produces measuring instruments, test units and test systems, as used in safety testing, for example. ELABO’s quality products offer an impressive degree of reliability and precision. The leakage current test unit, the insulation resistance test unit or the unit for protective conductor testing are just a few examples. ELABO also supplies equipment for end of line testing to ensure zero defect production. And naturally with a matching storage wall for the electrical lab. Height-adjustable assembly workbenches are of course provided.