Process management

Perfect process management is offered by ELABO’s solutions for zero defect production. Interface monitoring, data analysis, process analysis – ELABO is a leading provider for zero defect production and everything to do with Big Data. ELABO is also an experienced provider of OSE (Overall Shopfloor Effectiveness) and SES (Shopfloor Execution System) solutions. This is supplemented by the company’s expertise in CIS (Connected Industry System) and FIM (Flexible Innovative Assembly System). In the field of lab equipment for electrical labs, ELABO can draw on a vast pool of long-standing expertise as a sector supplier. An electronics workstation – such as an ESD workstation or training workstation – is rarely found without products or table-top equipment from ELABO. Best-sellers in this segment include its leakage current test unit and hi-pot test unit. ELABO offers the necessary components for safety testing. The portfolio also includes modules for customer-specific end-of-line testing.