Ergonomic workstation

An ergonomic workstation from ELABO fulfils all the necessary requirements for a modern workplace. The company specialises in the development and production of modern workstations for manufacturing personnel. From mobile workstations, lighting control systems and workplace lighting to adjustable workbenches – with an ergonomic workstation, the assembly workbench is height-adjustable. ELABO even supplies the corresponding storage walls. ELABO’s ergonomic assembly workstations are also in great demand internationally. For many years now, the company has been one of the leading manufacturers supplying a range of industries in the field of ergonomic production. ELABO also provides a full range of equipment for electrical labs. Lab equipment from ELABO is considered to be a premium product by the industry. The same applies for the equipment offered for modern training workstations and repair workstations. Not for nothing is ELABO a 4.0 solution provider. Quality products from ELABO – such as the leakage current test unit or hi-pot test unit – offer impressively high durability. ELABO produces test systems for safety testing. This also includes all of the individual components required for end-of-line testing. At ELABO, it’s all about providing an optimum power supply to the workstation. The company manufactures and supplies its own line of measuring instrument software and testing software. A networked workstation integrates process analysis and therefore enables product traceability. Accordingly, ELABO is a one-stop shop for worker guiding systems and semi-automated assembly.