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Millimetre precision with Elabo


Elabo has been planning and consulting on special-purpose rooms for almost forty years - in industrial plants, in government agencies, in schools or in other facilities to name just a few. More and more of our customers expressed their wish to be able to see "their" room before acquiring it, the key issue being above all to ensure the optimal distribution of space in the case of new purchases or additions.


Where specialized rooms are concerned, it is not just "soft facts" that matter, such as a pleasant and bright atmosphere, but frequently also "hard facts" are involved - for example, maintaining escape routes or arranging the furnishings in such a way as to minimize set-up times and movement times.


In order to support these discussions, Elabo has entered into partnership with Eastern Graphics. Software, provided free-of-charge to the user, gives customers and technical consultants a tool with which they can draw a room and then add in the Elabo products.


It should be especially noted that Elabo is the first manufacturer of electrical laboratories to offer not only room-planning capability but also to take a collaborative approach to the task. For customers and other interested parties this means that they are not just presented with an isolated solution - instead, chairs from interstuhl, lights from Waldmann and many other items can be incorporated into the planning of the room.

For detailed planning we recommend that, as before, you get in touch with our consultants. They will support customers and interested parties free of charge in deciding on the actual layout, for example when choosing the plug-in electronic units to use.


More information on our room planner can be found here. Or simply go through an "Elabo" room:    

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